Instant Meetings + Traditional Links

skedgit features

instant meetings

  • Skedgit intelligence finds the optimal time for all attendees
  • Chrome extension available to make the process that much easier
  • Book meetings in less than one minute
  • Skedgit learns when the best times are for you to have a meeting and gets smarter the more you use it

All you need to do is provide the email associated with your online calendar, a date range, and who you want at the meeting. We’ll take care of the rest.

stop scheduling like it’s 2013

Instead, let our automated system take care of scheduling your meetings for the next 15 days, completely free. No credit card. No strings attached. Just meeting magic.

meeting links for every situation

  • Use a personal link to share your availability with anyone. They can use that link to select a time that works for them.
  • You can create a custom link to select specific times and attendees. You share the link and your contact selects a time that works.
  • Create a calendar link for your team. Skedgit can route the meeting to the next available team member or require all members.