Meetings Made Simple

The inefficiency of scheduling meetings is costing you business.  Introducing Skedgit, a new way to coordinate meetings!  Email ping pong to schedule a meeting will be a thing of the past.

How It Works

How It Works

Step 1

Create your account and configure your scheduling preferences (Meeting Types, Default Availability, Teams, etc…) 

Step 2

  • Share your Skedgit Personal Link
  • Share your Skedgit Team Link
  • Create and share Custom Scheduling Links
  • Use SkedgiSense to completly automate meeting coordination

Step 3

Watch as meetings practically schedule themselves and wonder why you didn’t find Skedgit years ago.


For client centric roles, individuals spend more than an hour a day just trying to coordinate meetings. That's over a 12% loss in productivity!


44% of Sales Reps give up after only one follow-up due to the frustrations of coordinating a meeting.


Skedgit will reduce the time you spend coordinating meetings by up to 75%

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