When you’re looking to schedule a meeting, you’ll want to use an app that seamlessly syncs across popular calendar tools. For Outlook calendar users, the best scheduling apps are ones that automatically update when calendar invitations are sent, function across other popular calendar apps such as Gmail, are simple and easy to use, and generally make juggling multiple schedules a breeze (instead of a constant hassle!). 

What’s the best scheduling app for Outlook calendars?

When looking for a scheduling app that functions with Outlook calendars, there are a few criteria to keep in mind. Depending on how you’ll use the scheduling app your top priorities might vary, but you’ll likely want an app that can accommodate last-minute changes and scheduling, rearrange calendars easily, and automates the manual work of managing schedules. 

Prioritize an app that will sync with your Outlook calendar as well as other calendar applications. Most appointment scheduling apps will need to sync across all meeting participant’s calendars in order to automate the meeting scheduling process, so it’s important that the app you choose works with the software your participants operate on. Ideally, the app will also be able to take into account other limitations on your meeting schedules, blocking out holidays and customizing to your business hours. 

5 scheduling tools for Outlook

  • Skedgit: Our easy-to-use tool syncs with Outlook as well as other popular calendar applications, and automatically schedules meetings at the click of a button — so you never have to consult multiple calendars, or email back-and-forth to find a meeting time.
  • Outlook’s Scheduling Assistant and Room Finder: This built-in Outlook tool can be helpful if you use Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange accounts with Outlook. Both tools assist by showing times when your fellow Outlook users are available, and help schedule your meetings. 
  • Calendly: This scheduling tool can be used with Outlook. In Calendly users set their availability preferences within the app, then share the link with clients or team members via email. 
  • HubSpot: The meeting scheduling component of popular CRM HubSpot integrates with Outlook calendar. To set up the meetings tool, sync your calendars to HubSpot and then create a meeting link that can be shared.
  • Acuity Scheduling: This appointment scheduler lets you create a custom schedule site that can then be shared with clients. It has a few add ons that can be useful for businesses serving clients, such as email and SMS notifications that can be personalized, automatic appointment reminders, intake forms, and more.

Skedgit makes scheduling meetings on Outlook easy 

Scheduling and calendar management application Skedgit integrates with Outlook, in addition to other frequently used business platforms such as Slack, Google Calendar, and more. With Skedgit, all you need to do is input a date range, select who you’d like to invite, and the software takes care of it from there. 
This is the future of scheduling a meeting — no emailing back and forth, no need to update your calendar in multiple places — just simple, easy, automatic appointments that work for everyone involved. To show you how it works, let us schedule your meetings for the next 15 days.