What is Skedgit?

All of the scheduling tools you need to make meeting coordination simple.

Really simple.

What Is Skedgit?

Skedgit is a meeting scheduling platform that enables users to completely automate meeting coordination with virtually zero effort from meeting attendees. Skedgit will not just find an available time for all meeting attendees, but based on machine learning and AI, it will find the best available time; all while keeping calendars secure and private. No links to share or calendars to compare, just really simple meeting scheduling.

If I'm Not a Skedgit User, Why Should I Accept an Invitation To Schedule With Skedgit?

So, you’ve received an invitation from someone to schedule a meeting through Skedgit.  What’s the big deal?

Skedigt will drastically reduce the time and effort it takes to coordinate a meeting with said ‘someone’. Once you approve the request and connect your calendar with Skedigt, your contact will be able to schedule necessary meetings with you at conducive times without you having to do anything but accept the calendar invite, all while keeping your calendar completely secure and private. You will always have the ability to limit how long your contact has access to schedule with you, or disable that access anytime. Skedgit doesn’t require you to maintain an account and there is no cost if you are not interested in using Skedgit for yourself to automatically schedule meetings.

How Much Does Skedgit Cost?

There are two ways to Skedgit (yes, it’s a verb).

  1. Skedgit Basic –  Free
    • Personal Scheduling Links
    • Connect Unlimited Calendars
  2. Skedgit Pro – $12/mo./user
    • Everything in Basic
    • Automated Intelligent Scheduling
    • Team Scheduling/Round Robin

Discounts based on volume and term are available for Skedgit Pro. Contact us at sales@skedgitnow.com for details.


Who Gets Access to My Calendar?

Being able to automatically schedule a meeting with no one having to even view a calendar is pretty magical. Skedgit will keep your calendar, schedule, and availability completely private when auto-magically scheduling meetings. If you have a use case to schedule like it’s 2020, you can share your availability via the Skedgit Personal Link which will only show the times for which you are open for a meeting. No meeting details on your calendar are ever shared or even seen by a human being.

What Is The Answer to Life The Universe and Everything?

According to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and confirmed by Google: 42


The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Automated Meetings

This is where the magic happens. Just tell us a date range and who you want at the meeting, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Unlimited Event Types

Not all meetings are created equal. That’s why we let you set up an unlimited number of event types. Your meetings your way.

Calendar Integration

Skedgit currently integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, the two most popular options (with more coming soon).

Personal Link

Share your availability with anyone you give this link to. They can quickly go in and grab a time slot that works for both of you.

Custom Link

This is a powerful tool that lets you select specific times & attendees. Then you just share the link and your contact selects a time that works.

Team Scheduling

Create a calendar link for your team. Skedgit can route the meeting to the next available team member or require all team members. Your choice.

Stop Scheduling Like It’s 2013.

Instead, let our automated system take care of scheduling your next 100 meetings for free. No credit card. No strings attached. Just meeting magic.