All The Right Scheduling Tools

Skedgit is the most advanced meeting coordination tool ever. With SkedgiSense, manual meeting coordination is a thing of the past. Of course, we have all the traditional scheduling tools as well. 

Introducing SkedgiSense


No one likes coordinating meetings, internal, external, and especially with multiple attendees. It is a total waste of time trying to manually find a time that works for everyone. Introducing SkedgiSense. Completely automate the coordination of your meeting. No availability to share, no calendars to compare. Simply set the meeting details and settings, request the meeting from your contact and allow SkedgiSense to find the best available time for all attendees.

Personal Link


Set your availability and meeting types, we’ll give you a link you can share by whatever means you’d like. Anyone who has that link can use it to grab available time on your calendar.

Custom Link


Custom Link is a powerful tool that allows you to select specific times from your availability, and select attendees from both inside and outside your company to create a booking link. You can share this link any way you like. Once shared, your contact simply selects a time that works best and the meeting is scheduled on all calendars, making complex meeting coordination a breeze.

Team Scheduling


Create a calendar link for your team, and let Skedgit route the appointment to an available team member or all team members, your choice.

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