Send ‘All’ Available Times

Skedgit has released functionality to send all your (and/or your Company Calendars) availability with a few simple clicks. This way you can create a link for up to a 2 week time frame for people to book meetings with you when it is convenient for them. We found that some Users may not want to provide a Personal Link that shares their entire calendar but wanted to make it easy to share a snapshot of their availability. To use this feature just click the blue plus icon in the bottom right corner of the Calendar and follow these steps:
  •  Select ‘Send All Available Times’
  • Determine the time frame to include in your link
  • Select a duration for the meeting times
  • Fill out all other pertinent information about the event
  • Click ‘Create Link’
A unique custom link will be created showing ‘All’ your availability to share with others during that time frame making it easy for you and others to book a time.

Team Link – Round Robin or Everyone Attend?

Sometimes you need to round robin through a team to get one person in touch with customers and other times you need to have a group of team members that are required for the meeting. With our latest update to team functionality you can now include an entire group of your team to be included in the meeting, just make sure to select who the ‘Organizer’ will be so that the correct meeting details will be included on the invite.

Held/Not Held

Does your organization need to keep track of what meetings are holding? With our latest update to the Skedgit Calendar when the event is in the past there are 3 dots in the right corner of the event allowing you to hover and choose whether the event held or not. It is also available to update in the event details modal as well and will reflect correctly in both places. When our reporting suite becomes available all the historical data will be captured in our database allowing you to view this metric.  

Multiple Calendars with Multiple Meeting Types

If you have multiple calendars associated with your Skedgit Account you can now select what Calendar the invite will be sent from when someone books a meeting on your Personal Link. In the Meeting Type section of Personal Link Settings you can select which calendar fits for the meeting type being booked.  

Booking Pages

When you have return visitors to your booking page we set a cookie so they don’t have to fill out the same information twice in the sidebar to book a meeting with you saving them time. Also, if you only have one meeting type configured the booking page will skip the meeting type selection page and take them directly to choosing the date/time.  

Calendar Color Selector

In the past there have only been a few options for different colors associated with Calendars in Skedgit. With the latest update to our color selector you will never run out of colors to assign to your calendars. Rainbow is the limit!  

Image/Logo Upload Experience

We want to make sure that your booking pages look professional for your customers. The image uploader has been updated to make sure that you can modify your image/logo.   We have also fixed small bugs and updated some other small feature sets that increase productivity and help streamline the booking process.