Having a calendar that is shared across your team can be a great way to stay organized, communicate deadlines, plan vacations and days off, and make sure everyone knows when and where events are occurring. Let us help you plan your next meeting or event on Google Calendar!

In order to add an event (or make any other changes) to a shared calendar, you’ll need to make sure you have the correct permissions. If you’re not able to add an event, it’s likely that you don’t have editing permissions for that calendar. You can either request edit permission from whoever made the calendar, or create a new shared calendar and share that with all the involved people. If you have editing permissions, the calendar should show up under ‘My Calendars’ on the left-hand side of your Google Calendar.

Adding an event to a shared Google Calendar:

Step 1: Open your Google Calendar

Step 2: Click the ‘+ Create’ button in the upper left-hand corner 

Step 3: This will open a mini form where you can edit the title and time of your event. You can either add event details here or click the ‘More Options’ buttons for a full-screen event editor with more details. 

Step 4: In the new event form, make sure that you select the shared calendar, next to the calendar icon. To do so, click on the calendar that is currently selected, to see a drop down of all your calendar options. Then, click on the shared calendar you want to add your event to.

If you don’t see the calendar there, you’ll need to request editing access, or create your own shared calendar.

Step 5: Make sure the rest of the settings on your event are accurate. Include a location if applicable, a message in the description box if needed, and edit the date and time to reflect the event details. 

Step 6: After making sure your event details are correct, simply hit save! You’ll then see the event on your shared calendar, and everyone else with this calendar will be able to as well. 5 steps is do-able, but what if we told you there’s an even easier way? With Skedgit, you don’t need to worry about sending links or comparing shared calendars. Let us show you how it works.