In business, time is money! Spending time attempting to schedule a meeting with a group of busy people can start to feel very expensive. Many companies still schedule group meetings manually, starting by sending a few emails back and forth to determine what days of the week work best for everyone, comparing multiple schedules, inevitably sending a few more emails to figure out the best time, then finally getting a meeting on the calendar (and that’s the best-case scenario!). If you’re looking to optimize your team’s time, and schedule group meetings faster, update your companies operations with a group meeting application. 

Using an App to Schedule a Group Meeting

Using a group meeting scheduling tool to effectively combine the calendars of the entire group means that what was previously an endeavor can instead be accomplished with the click of a button. Sound too good to be true? Let us explain how to schedule a group meeting with a scheduling app. 

  1. Set your schedule: Most apps will either have you set your availability or, ideally, will integrate with your already existing calendars. 
  2. Ensure access: Make sure that all parties invited to the meeting have access to the application you’ll be using. The best scheduling apps make this simple, so all you’ll need to do is send a link for guests to use the software. You’ll want to make sure you choose an app that easily syncs across the platforms your teams or clients use. 
  3. Draft your meeting agenda: The key to a great team meeting is making sure that everyone knows exactly what will be covered, who is in charge of what, and what the meeting goals are. Take time to lay out an agenda and key deliverables before you schedule your group meeting.
  4. Pick a date and who will attend: Once you’re ready to send your invite and agenda, pick the date and select attendees. Depending on your scheduling software, you may need to compare the times that team members or clients are available. Other meeting tools (such as Skedgit) make this task much easier, with intelligent scheduling that finds the optimal time for all attendees.
  5. Schedule: Then, simply send your meeting invite out and look forward to a productive meeting! 

10 Group Scheduling Tools

1. Skedgit

We have to recommend trying out Skedigit next time you need to schedule a group meeting! Skedgit integrates across popular calendar apps and business communication tools to automatically schedule meetings at the time that works best for everyone. Schedule meetings in under a minute. Plus, as you use it the app learns when the best times are for you and gets smarter the more you use it.

2. HubSpot Meetings

The meeting scheduling component of popular CRM HubSpot allows users to schedule group meetings without quite as many back-and-forth scheduling emails. It integrates with other HubSpot tools easily.

3. Calendar

The Calendar group scheduling tool will only show the time when all invitees are available. If you need to move your meeting it will show the dates and times that work for everyone included in the meeting. 

4. Doodle

Doodle uses a polling system to crowd-source the date and time attendees would like to meet. While it won’t automatically schedule a group meeting, it will show you when everyone would prefer to meet so that you can move forward with setting a meeting time. 

5. 24Sessions

This group scheduling tool includes video and screen sharing within the platform, which might be helpful for your team. The calendar accounts for time-zone differences and syncs with Google Calendar as well as Office 365.

6. Mixmax

This scheduling platform is designed to make your meeting scheduling emails more effective and simple by showing available meeting times within the email body and allowing clients to select a time within that same email. It is designed specifically for Gmail, so if you (or your clients) use a different email system it might not be the right choice for you.

7. WhenIsGood

This group scheduling tool allows teams to schedule meetings on the platform and sends links that allow participants to answer a poll for the meeting time they prefer. It’s very simple and doesn’t have some of the features of other apps listed here, but can be a good no-frills option for team meetings. 

8. Calendly

This popular platform is very simple and user-friendly. It’s most effective for external clients rather than internal group meetings, but it has an easily shareable interface that looks nice and connects with pretty much every calendar app out there. 

9. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling allows you to create a custom schedule site that can then be shared with clients. It has a few add ons that can be useful for businesses serving clients, such as email and SMS notifications that can be personalized, automatic appointment reminders, intake forms, and more. Zoom, GoToMeeting, and are integrated for video chat. 

10. FreeBusy

FreeBusy is a meeting scheduler that integrates with many different platforms and services including Zoom, Facebook, Google, Outlook, Yahoo, Salesforce, and more. It operates as a Chrome extension or plugin for Outlook email. 
There are many options out there for scheduling group meetings. Depending on your use case, the right tool for your business might vary, but these services are all worth looking into for the time they can save you! And if you want to experience a stellar group meeting scheduler, trial Skedgit for 15 days free. Let us make meeting magic, and schedule your next group meeting for you.