Skedgit is excited to announce the arrival of the Winter 2018 update. We have worked hard over the last few months to learn what matters most to you as users, and how we can help you be more efficient and more successful when it comes to scheduling appointments with your clients and your prospects. Here’s what we have in store for you:

Fast Sync
We have employed the use of Webhook technology to sync your calendars to Skedgit with blazing speeds. Gone are the days of long loading times, event delays, manual page reloads and overall lag. Watch as almost instantly a new event added in your Google or Outlook calendar is synced across to your Skedgit calendar.

Your personal link page will now be personalized with the profile photo you have in your Google or Microsoft account. This gives your contacts even more confidence that they are scheduling a meeting with the right person.

Redesigned Personal Link Experience
You may have noticed that the entire personal link experience has been improved. You spoke and we listened. Showing your entire calendar to your clients, even as a silhouette, was a bit too revealing. The experience as seen by your clients is now much more limited, by only allowing them to see the openings you have, and only a single day at a time. Sharing your availability, and getting an event scheduled at the best time for everyone no longer requires you to display your entire calendar to get it done. Here’s how the process looks to your clients:


  • First, the user selects the type of event and duration from a list of event types predefined by you.
  • The user then selects their desired appointment date. We automatically filter out days where you are busy or unavailable.
  • Next, the user picks a time that works for them. Skedgit will only allow times when you are free and when you can accommodate the full event time.
  • Lastly, the user fills in some brief details about who they are, the subject of the appointment and how to contact them.
  • And as always, Skedgit takes care of the rest. We’ll send out the invitations to all of the involved parties, and we’ll even include conference bridge numbers and screen-sharing information if applicable..
We are confident that you are going to love these changes. As always, we strive to listen to our customers. Our success depends on you. We value and encourage your feedback. Thank you for being our partners.