Salt Lake City, UT, Nov. 16, 2020 – Skedgit, a leader in scheduling and calendar management software, announced today that it has released the beta program of its new automated scheduling platform. 

While there has always been a need for meetings, the current COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated that growth. One study has shown that the number of meetings per employee is up almost 13% from 2019. Another study has found that, on average, it takes 25 minutes to schedule a single meeting with five to eight attendees. Compounded together, businesses now see more lost time as employees struggle to schedule the increasing number of meetings required to complete their work.

While open to the general public, Skedgit has stated that the beta program will be limited to a certain number of users. This new platform seeks to change the way meetings are scheduled by fully removing the time and frustration normally required when coordinating multiple individuals’ schedules. 

“Our new product takes away the back-and-forth emails, meeting links, and comparing calendars that lower our productivity,” said Mike McVey, CEO of Skedgit. “With Skedgit, all you need to do is tell us a date range and who to invite, and our software takes care of it from there. This will be the future of scheduling a meeting.”

The company is offering to schedule 100 free meetings for each individual that signs up for its beta program. To sign up, please visit


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Skedgit is a leading scheduling and calendar management software provider. The company helps businesses and organizations increase efficiency by utilizing machine learning to automatically schedule meetings at optimal times. Skedgit is used by companies such as FreshLime, Lift Local, and SunRun. To learn more, visit


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