If you’ve ever felt like there aren’t enough hours in the day, you’re not alone. Many Americans report that it’s extremely difficult to balance work schedules and their personal lives. Effective time management and the tools that enable it can help keep schedules organized, make planning simple, save time, and lower stress levels! So what are the best time management tools and strategies?

Ways time management tools help

  1. Set your goals: Clearly defining your goals by writing them down helps you to know what you’re working towards, what’s worth putting your time into, and what you should cut out of your schedule. 
  2. Schedule your week: Time management tools help to plan your time in advance so that you know exactly what you’ll get done and when. This can also be helpful for planning downtime. 
  3. Know what needs to be done: Seeing your deadlines and tasks that need to be completed can make it easier to accomplish them on time (and not forget about anything along the way).
  4. Prioritize your time: Determining what’s most important and what needs to be done first is one helpful aspect of time management tools. This can also allow you to set aside tasks that can be done later. 
  5. Keep track of time: Recording and analyzing how you spend your time can show you where you can optimize your schedule. 
  6. Simplify planning: Using time management tools mean that admin tasks are automated, saving time and simplifying your work.
  7. Coordinating with team members: Time management tools make it so your whole team can seamlessly coordinate and understand what priorities others are focused on. 
  8. Manage team meetings: Similarly, coordination can help with the ever-present challenge of finding time for meetings. 
  9. Increased focus: By minimizing distractions with time management tools you’ll be able to focus on the tasks at hand. 

Reflect on your habits: With the benefits of having your activities tracked and recorded, you’ll be able to clearly see where your time is going. Having this knowledge can help you refine your schedule.

Criteria when choosing a time management tool

When choosing what time management tool is right for you, it depends on what you need them for. Perhaps your biggest challenge is focusing, keeping track of all that you need to accomplish, or planning out your schedule effectively.

Time management apps for iPhone

  • Forest – This iPhone app helps you to stay focused, by blocking out the distraction your phone presents
  • RescueTime – Productivity tracker that shows you where you can get time back in your day
  • Todoist – Organize, plan, and collaborate on tasks and projects with this easy to use to-do list application
  • Be Focused – This product allows you to break up tasks into intervals, scheduling short breaks throughout for optimum productivity 

Time management apps for Mac

  • Dewo – An AI personal assistant that helps keep you focused when you’re in the zone
  • Timely – This automated time tracker helps streamline your workday
  • Sanebox – An inbox manager that helps prioritize your email to avoid distractions
  • Shift – Shift helps streamline the many apps and the different conversations and workflows that happen across them
  • Toggl – An easy to use time-tracker that shows you where your time is going 

Time management apps for Android

  • Loop – A habit tracker that will help you build positive work habits
  • Google Tasks – Available anywhere you use Google, this simple task organizer syncs across devices, making it easy to stay on top of everything you need to do
  • My Daily Planner – This daily planner app helps you organize and plan your day.

Time management apps for team collaboration

  • Google Hangouts – A simple and easy to use communication platform
  • Asana – This time management tool is a project management site that tracks tasks and allows teams to work together
  • Basecamp – This project management tool is designed for easy team communication and collaboration
  • Trello – Trello lets your whole team keep track of tasks, coordinate on projects, and assign due dates

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