Keeping track of appointments, scheduling calls, and organizing business meetings can be a full-time job in itself. Using online scheduling instead of traditional email scheduling can save you time and money, but there are pros and cons to introducing any new system into your workflow. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you consider your options.

Pros for Online Scheduling

It saves time. A lot of time.

  • Both businesses and customers can easily coordinate their schedules, and make changes to availability whenever they need to without needing to get in touch with anyone
  • Spend less time on the phone, or going back and forth in endless email messages
  • Without the time-consuming scheduling process, your employees have more time for other tasks

Convenience is key

  • With online scheduling, you’re able to schedule 24/7 and aren’t constrained by working hours 
  • Customers can book even if no one from your company is currently available to talk to them
  • Automation takes human error out of the equation so that you don’t end up with a meeting in the wrong time-zone or on the wrong date

Happy customers

  • Eliminating the back and forth of traditional scheduling saves your customers time too, and they’ll likely appreciate the efficiency and professionalism
  • Immediate response times with booking at the click of a button increases customer satisfaction

Cons for Online Scheduling:

Technology troubles

  • For the less tech-savvy customer, using a scheduling system may present a challenge
  • Clients may not want to learn how to use a new system and would prefer to rely on traditional email scheduling
  • In order to use scheduling systems effectively, users will need to synchronize their calendars and keep them consistently up to date
  • The cost of a new system could be prohibitive for some companies

The personal touch

  • A scheduling platform may feel impersonal to clients
  • Emailing with an employee can make clients feel more connected to your company, and switching to automated scheduling removes that communication

While there are initial hurdles to overcome when making the switch from traditional email scheduling to an automated online scheduler, the benefits outweigh the challenges. As new scheduling technology advances, it’s possible to book meetings instantly, with multiple attendees and across multiple organizations. Automation means fewer rescheduled meetings, less hassle, and way more time for other tasks! 

Try an online scheduler, at no risk to you. We’ll schedule your next 100 meetings automatically, completely for free.