Businesses everywhere need a way to simplify the way they schedule their meetings. Across every industry, employees are meeting more than ever (whether that’s in-person or over video conferencing!). Every meeting takes coordinating when key attendees are free, back-and-forth emails to confirm, and the inevitable last-minute changes when something else comes up. All this can take a toll on companies’ hours of productivity. 

Meeting scheduling software can help solve that pain point by simplifying the scheduling process. You may have come across Doodle in your search for help scheduling. However, depending on the needs of your company, you may want to try a few alternatives to Doodle. 

What is Doodle 

Doodle is an online scheduling tool that helps find a date and time to meet. First, you suggest dates and times for your meeting to participants. Doodle then creates a poll that is sent to invitees to choose the date and time that they prefer. The polling feature is used to ensure that the time that works for the most people is chosen. 

While it’s a simple and easy solution, that anyone can use and understand, there are a few drawbacks to Doodle. One issue is that there is no way to save a group of contacts within the app. Instead, emails need to be entered manually to share the link for each meeting poll. Additionally, when scheduling a meeting with clients they may find the Doodle poll impersonal. 

Top Alternatives to Doodle

There’s no shortage of scheduling and polling platforms out there. Each offers different benefits and has found a variety of different ways to help make meeting scheduling simpler. 

  • Skedgit – Instantly schedule meetings at the optimal time for everyone involved, directly onto the calendar you already use, without any back-and-forth emails. 
  • – A simple online scheduling tool for teams. 
  • Acuity Scheduling – Create a customized scheduling page where clients can select the time they’d like to meet.
  • TimeTrade – Instant appointment scheduling, great for companies in service industries.
  • SurveyMonkey – A simple, easy-to-use survey maker. 
  • Calendly – Send clients a link to your Calendly page, where they can find a time when you’re available and book directly onto your calendar. 
  • AppointmentPlus – Saves time by allowing customers to book online.
  • Google Forms – Free online forms that can be used for polling. 
  • Agendize – Real-time availability of your services and resources, available to clients all the time. 
  • Setster – Good for big companies with complex scheduling issues. 
  •  HubSpot – This free appointment and meeting scheduling app allows users to embed booking links into emails, and view up-to-date availability on your calendar. 
  • Clara – Clara is virtual assistant software that’s designed to streamline scheduling. By CC’ing ‘Clara’ on an email, the software suggests dates and times when everyone can meet. 
  • Rally – Rally is similar in design to Doodle, with a polling function that allows meeting guests to collaborate on the date and time that works best. 
  • NeedtoMeet – Suggest a few dates and times, then send your colleagues the link to vote on when works best. 
  • Pick – This app allows one person to set their availability, then send a custom URL where the invitee can book an available time slot on the calendar. 

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What is the Best Alternative to Doodle?

All the options discussed have a common mission: to save time and make scheduling your meetings easier! The best tool depends on what you’re using it for. Every company has different needs for their software’s price-point, integration with other software, and ease-of-use. 
If what you need is a group scheduling tool, which doesn’t require each meeting invitee to comb through their calendar to find a time that works, you might want to check out Skedgit. Rather than crowdsourcing a meeting time, its smart technology does the work for you. And if you try today, we’ll schedule your next meetings free of charge.