Your business likely schedules anywhere from a few meetings a week, to hundreds! All those meetings can mean a lot of back and forth, trying to find an open time slot on everyone’s calendars. If you’ve ever wanted to simplify the process and free up more time for your employees to focus on essential work, you may have looked into scheduling services such as Calendly. Using a scheduling app can help eliminate hours of coordinating when everyone is available. However, if Calendly doesn’t fit your use case, you might be interested in hearing about other services that can provide similar services! 

Pros and Cons of Calendly

Calendly works well for a couple of reasons. You can set unlimited appointments through this application, which is helpful. Some apps have a limit, or a pay increase to create more appointments. It’s also easy to use, with a simple interface. You don’t have to explain how to use it to clients, just send the link and the intuitive site will make it easy for them to select an open time slot and book a meeting with you. Calendly also integrates with most popular calendars, website builders, and CRMs.

Although it’s a great tool, there are some cases where Calendly isn’t the ideal platform for your scheduling needs. A drawback of their software is that by sending users a link, you’re essentially asking the invitee to do the work of finding time on your calendar and coordinate with their own calendar. This can feel frustrating for clients, especially if they’re paying for your services, or you’re trying to convince them to use your services. 

Additionally, Calendly requires you to update your availability when it changes which can be time-consuming, especially if your schedule isn’t the same each week. It also doesn’t really have a feature to coordinate the best meeting time for multiple people, so if you need to schedule group meetings and coordinate multiple calendars, this app might not be your best choice. 

Calendly Alternatives

So what are your other options? If Calendly isn’t right for you, there are a lot of other scheduling apps to choose from. Let us share a few of our favorites, and what they do best. 

Skedgit: A calendar integration that immediately compares all invited members’ calendars to find the best time. Easy-to-use and flawlessly designed to take the hassle out of scheduling meetings. Plus, the smart technology does all the calendar comparing for you and any number of invitees, so there’s no need for your clients to hunt down a time that works for both of you, and even big group meetings become simple to schedule. Cut down on scheduling back-and-forth without putting the responsibility onto the clients you’re trying to impress. 

Doodle: This application uses polling to determine the best time for everyone to meet. All parties will still need to check their own calendars and make sure they’re selecting a time when they’re free, but it’s a simple and easy way to determine when you can meet. 

Mixmax: This is a Gmail-based scheduler that works by setting up your availability and customizing the days, times, and duration of meetings you’re available for. Clients then must choose the preferred time option from your calendar. This app is more of a project management tool, but can help keep meetings from taking up all of your time by syncing task deadlines and project timelines into your calendar application for better time management. This helps make sure you don’t book so many meetings you don’t have time to get essential tasks done! This online booking system is great for service-based industries. Just define the services offered by all your providers, their availability, and then send clients the link to book themselves the time slot they prefer

Acuity Scheduling: This appointment scheduling software comes from website builder Squarespace. With it, you can create your own scheduling site and embed it in your website, so it’s good for customizing a scheduling site that matches your brand. However, this is another site where clients view your calendar and choose a time slot that works for them.
So as you can see, if Calendly doesn’t quite fit your needs, there are lots of other services to choose from. Depending on how your business functions, one of these other platforms might serve you better. And if you’re interested in Skedgit’s automated meeting magic, you can try us out free! Impress your clients with hassle-free scheduling, and see how much time you save.