When you’re scheduling meetings for your workspace, whether you’re in a standard office, a hybrid working environment, or a co-working space, finding a time to meet is a challenge. Add finding a room to meet in and getting colleagues together to collaborate can become a serious undertaking. To save everyone time, new software helps automate meeting room schedules so you can spend more time actually meeting than planning the meeting itself! 

Best meeting room booking software

Using a meeting room app or software allows organizations to schedule meetings online at the click of a button. 

Skedda: This room scheduling software allows organizations to streamline the scheduling of a variety of meeting spaces. The mobile-friendly software can be customized to allow the booking of multiple sizes of meeting rooms. It’s also possible to customize the amenities offered by each meeting space. Payment for booking a room is possible so this can be a nice choice for coworking spaces that need customers to be able to pay to reserve a space. 

iOffice: iOffice is designed to give businesses and facilities the information they need in order to accurately plan, forecast, maximize space utilization and create a workplace that fits employees’ needs. They provide a lot of data and analytics on the usage of the company’s different spaces.

Envoy: This smart room scheduling software frees up unused space and makes it easy to find and book the right room. It allows you to mark a room as empty if your meeting ends earlier than you plan, which can be convenient if your company is always short on space! 

Sign in App: Spaces is a flexible desk and meeting room booking add-on for the Sign In App. It lets you visualize your workspace, and is great for hybrid workforces trying to figure out how to manage their desk space after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Cobot: This space management software includes a self-service booking calendar that integrates with its invoicing system. This is helpful in coworking spaces so that you can automatically charge users based on space usage, equipment, etc. 

Bookafy: This platform is used for automating the booking of staff, resources, and rooms. It syncs with your calendar to show availability and offers text reminders, payment integration and more. 

Robin: Designed for booking conference rooms, this platform also works for reserving individual desks. It has the fun feature of being able to visually map your office space, plus includes on-demand booking.  

YArooms: This is another conference room booking system, which has a mobile app that makes it easy to use on the go, and to adjust details as things change. 

Skedgit: Skedgit integrates meeting booking with simple meeting scheduling software so that meetings can be planned at the click of a button. Adding meeting rooms into the mix is simple, so if you need to meet in person you can make sure space is reserved as well. One of the advantages of using Skedgit is that you can automatically email attendees with details and any changes to events as they occur. Additionally, unlike many apps, it’s easy to share with invitees even if they don’t already use the software.
While there are many apps out there to help you manage your meeting spaces, the right one for you depends on your use case! If you’re interested in Skedgit’s easy-to-use and share meeting scheduling, try us out free. Collaboration just got a lot easier!